Add New Life to Your Meals with McCormick Crusting Blends

NEW! McCormick® Crusting Blends add a healthy crunch to your meals without deep frying.

McCormick Panko Bread Crusting Blends

McCormick Panko Bread Crusting Blends

Panko Bread Crumbs Bring Restaurant-Style Technique to the Table in Minutes

McCormick’s New Crusting Blends are a delicious, healthy and creative way to liven up mealtimes with restaurant-inspired flavorful crusts that add mouthwatering taste and texture to chicken, fish or pork.

All varieties of McCormick’s Crusting Blends use panko breadcrumbs, an on-trend take on traditional breadcrumb coatings. These Japanese-style crumbs are combined with specially-formulated herb and spice blends to create a delectable, distinctive flavor with a light, crispy crunch.


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