Durkee®’s Herbes De Provence Is A Blend Of France’s Favorite Herbs

Durkee Herbes De Provence
Durkee Herbes De Provence

ANKENY, IOWA – Traveling the world to source the finest ingredients for foodservice seasonings, Durkee® is proud to bring you Durkee Herbs De Provence. Durkee Herbes De Provence is a versatile assortment of herbs that are extremely popular in Southern France and the nearby Mediterranean region. The leafy mixture of basil, thyme, fennel and lavender flowers delivers superb gourmet flavor (and intriguing visual appeal) to fish, lamb, veal, chicken, roasts and chops ­ for less than a penny per serving. Durkee Herbs De Provence can inspire marinades, rubs and sauces, or simply be sprinkled onto a wide variety of upscale dishes. For more Mediterranean-style gourmet recipes, as well as other menu ideas and product detail, visit our information-packed website at durkee.com.

Durkee is a registered trademark of ACH Foods, Memphis, TN

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